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Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
In my case, I have a very large collection that I believe would make many people here jealous . I have spent a very large amount of cash over the years working on my collection buying from sellers and traders from around the web. I haven't downloaded anything if that's what anyone is wondering. Many sellers offer DVDs of old VHS recordings from years back. Recorded shows and stuff. It is ridiculously cool watching old footage and reliving classic moments and memories
My grandma used to tape everything too. She had stacks of VHS tapes of Saturday Night's Main Event, the PPVs, Wrestling Superstars, all of 'em. It was insane. We only bought a few VHS PPVs but did tape them all. She even taped each Raw, Smackdown, etc. Like you mentioned I ended up becoming a seller/trader in my teenage years in the late '90s, amassing all sorts of wrestling memorabilia. It's all gone now though except, for some reason, the Coliseum Home Video of SummerSlam '88.

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