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Originally Posted by Valhallian88 View Post
*Incoming titangraph of text

I just bought whatever ammo Moira had that I could use, I figured she might have like 5 stimpacks or more, but she had none of those. I think I managed to at least get like 600 caps out of her, sold probably 30% of the stuff I got from Anchorage missions. I'd also advise checking out some of the traders that sit just outside Megaton at the entrance, I know they sometimes have stimpacks and at times between 300-600 caps themselves.

I think there's at least 2 guys that show up outside of the Megaton entrance, it's probably not the kind of caps you're looking for, but at least you can sell some stuff if you're weighed down heavily by armor or something. Also, I buy stimpacks from the guy in the clinic in Megaton and a girl named Red in some random village.Then get my money back from stimpacks that I bought and sell them crap I don't want. I know there's a guy in Rivet City that I can sell to as well, but I haven't been there yet and I'm looking forward to another place I can sell to someone. Other than that I don't really know where else to find people to sell. It's just a case of finding random wastelanders, people that sell stimpacks & ammo, moira, the guys outside megaton entrance and eventually the rivet city guy.

But yeah, now that I'm done writing a novel, I'd love to know the whereabouts of the relative. It's gotta be more exciting than spending half my life walking to Megaton being 200 lbs over the limit in carrying weight. lol
Rivet city has 3 or 4 traders all within the same main market room right at the entrance (walk straight ahead when crossing the walkway). Only problem is that is not an easy walk over encumbered as its far away and there are lots of bad guys (and no real easy direct route). I did more collecting in Fallout 3 then NV but it worked out because there wasn't much to spend caps on really. You find better/more weapons then you can buy. Also, if I can advise, take the scavenger perk that allows you to find more ammo and you will be golden as long as you like to explore.

Once I finish FO:NV I might have to jump back into FO3 again. I have done everything possible in that game (besides being a real bad guy, can't bring myself to do it... but I have been to every location/found every unique equipment at least once).

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