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06-20-2012, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
I don't blame Homer for our not winning the cup. But I do blame him for always trying to "assemble" as you say. Assembling is why there is a Pronger to have to play without. I love Pronger and he has been a fave player of mine for a long time but the truth of the matter is, we always need to go BUY that one peice of expensive, aging equipment.

Like buying a 2002 BMW over a brand new Ford. Even without injuries, the high mileage alone makes it a risk. Rather than building our product on the blue line (especially), we try to assemble it via trade. It hasn't worked. And to me, the next few years still fall under Homer's regime - therefore, I think without a cup and the ongoing acquisitions and never trying to homegrow a defense, we can't say he is successful.

If we win, I am all in. Sold on the Homer bus. Until then, I wait wondering when we will learn this.
I am tired of the tinkering as well. If he gets Nash, I'll be incensed. He always goes for the homerun when a bunt single might be the best option.

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