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06-20-2012, 12:54 AM
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A couple/few years back -- around the time the Spectrum demolition plans were being formulated -- Dave 'Hammer' Schultz let the Flyers Fan Club in on his son's project to bring the Bullies to a major motion picture... he sound like, or may have even said, it was at that point a done deal to be made... IIRC the younger Schultz was writing or co-writing it.

I wonder if this current project is tied into that in any way... I understand Rob Zombie has announced he will write it... but this possibly could still be an off-shoot of the Schultz project with Hammer's son laying the groundwork and doing the preliminary script... and getting the movie off the ground with the initial grunt-work that got it its approval... Just a thought.......

That earlier project was supposed to be on the lines of Slap Shot IIRC... being lighthearted, but still having a factual base.

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