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06-20-2012, 12:31 AM
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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
You can never have too many PMDs. Not to mention Murray is the exact opposite of versatile. And the key to a good PK isn't crease clearing, it's pressuring the puck carrier and being aggressive. Murray has lost the ability to do that. Not only does he give up the blue-line extremely easily, he sits back and danglers take advantage of him. Both Demers and Braun have the speed and the agility to keep up with the likes of Kane, Eberle, etc. Murray gets absolutely destroyed against them (ie Duchene skating circles around him).
And Murray hasn't had a "net front presence" for a while now. All he's really good for on the PK is blocking shots, and even those lead to bad bounces every now and then.

Even with all that, we're ignoring that Murray is only going to go downhill from here and is an UFA after this season. Braun and Demers both haven't even reached their primes yet and are still RFAs.

EDIT: And Murray was horrible the entire season. He never had a stretch of solid play, pre or post injury.
Versatility in terms of the overall team, not each individual player. You can't stockpile a bunch of PMD's on the back end assume everything will work perfectly. If that was the case then NHL GM's are absolute idiots for padding their defense with guys like Willie Mitchell or Matt Greene.

Pressuring the puck carrier is part of having a good defensive strategy, it's not the only thing. The same way clearing the crease isn't the only thing you need to worry about, but it is important. You can't say that because you keep pressuring the puck carrier, no shots will ever get through for a guy who can deflect or screen.

I think people are seeing the worst in Murray because this always seems to happen when young players start developing. Folks become infatuated with the new fresh guys and start throwing the over 30's under the bus. I mean hell, there are people who seriously want a guy like Dan Boyle gone right now because we have Burns.

Murray was not as atrocious as you keep making him out to be, he doesn't have the speed and it can be frustrating to watch, but I believe you're just looking for the worst in him.

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