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Originally Posted by Tunnelundefaret View Post

Seems like he's gone either way. He wants to play in the KHL and for Metallurg next season regardless. They reiterate that he has an NHL out clause after year 1, and that must mean that he can't leave before that..othewise I guess they would have skipped the part about after year 1, and just called it an out clause.

Not sure Rangers played their cards all to well when it comes to Zuke, even if they didn't want to keep him? The could have gotten something in return at least. He was a fix before the play offs, good enough for the team if it started tomorrow Torts said, just before the injury. A top NHL team. Then suddenly he's not good enough and he's receiving a 2 way deal, understandably he's pissed and goes to Russia. If they had just convinced him that he would be included in a trade shortly at that point, instead of telling him that two ways is what you get here, things might look different? Surely some other team would be interested in a guy that was projected an important role at PP for NYR in the play offs (but stopped by injury), a top two team, for a trade pick? Don't see him returning to the NHL untill he's an UFA now, if ever. KHL is not gonna help his NHL career, or leverage his trade value, pretty sure about that.
I already said it, if there was a strong market or any market at all for Zuccarello's services it's not as if the Rangers are so driven on not having him play on another NHL team that they'd just let him head overseas before they got anything for him. If they were able to get anything at all in return for him, it would be good asset management, considering we signed him as a FA.

And let's say Zucc's value was hurt by the fact other teams were worried he'd bolt for the KHL or another league. Who's fault is that?

And RE: the Torst comments, top team or not, our offense wasn't exactly high octane. It was a desperate situation. You're ready into Torts comments far too much. If the Rangers liked him that much or saw something in him worth keeping (not sure what everyone that's up in arms saw...he was inconsistent and showed some flashes over two seasons. Couldn't put it together. NEXT), they would've kept him. Period.

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