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Originally Posted by the View Post
I had faith in Theodore too...he was king of the town, the next big thing. He was a sure bet and anybody against him knew nothing about hockey.

Here we are again...same story but I guess this time it's going to be different? Atleast Theo had his Hart and Vezina thing going for him.

Price is going on the right tracker but he needs to prove WAY more before he gets his 6m+
Originally Posted by nhlfan9191 View Post
But even Theodore didn't show any weaknesses in his development. 2006 took everybody by surprise. People forget two years ago, there was a riot over Halak getting traded. And three years ago, he did the famous Patrick Roy farewell pose. Obviously he has matured a lot but things are bound to get tough on him eventually if his play slips and try moving a goalie with a cap hit of over 6 million with many years left on his contract. It'll make Theo's 5.3 cap hit for three years seem like heaven.
This is revisionist history. Theodore didn't have near the pedigree that Price has, and their development curves were drastically different. In fact, Theodore's plunge didn't take everyone by surprise: there were many on this forum who reasonably and logically argued why Theodore's game was fundamentally flawed and that he had played above his head. (Of note, I believed in Theodore's game, regardless of equipment, regardless of changes post-lockout. And, of course, I was wrong)

Price's talent level and abilities are on a different level as compared to Theodore. It's simplistic and faulty logic to compare the two.

I cannot recall a goaltender that has come into the NHL with the same sort of pedigree as Price and failed. Not one.

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