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06-20-2012, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr.Krinkle View Post
I dont get his popularity. He's a ****ing arrogant British **** who curses a lot and has a short fuse and likes to take people down a peg or two.

I'm a ****ing arrogant American **** who curses a lot and likes to take people down a peg or two - where's my ****ing reality show?
At this point, his act is 99% schtick for American TV. If you catch some of his Kitchen Nightmares (British version), he's not really that over-the-top like he is on the American version of that show, and Hell's Kitchen, etc.

That said, I still watch his shows (except Master Chef, which I just can't get into). I just like seeing him flip out on idiots I guess.

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