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06-20-2012, 08:16 AM
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Shirts: Compression vs fitted

In the process of upgrading my 14 year old equipment, I'm looking to get a performance shirt or two. (The fact that I've lost 27 pounds since March is also an incentive...)

I have a long trail of ugly free t-shirts I've collected over the years that I've always used for hockey. But I sweat a lot and now most of the t-shirts are really baggy on me.

I've already bought a UA shirt for volleyball and quite like it. It's fitted but not too tight. Stayed absolutely dry the first time I wore it.

So now I want to look at an undershirt specifically for hockey. I definitely want to start with a short sleeve one first.

I'm curious about compression shirts like this

I tried this one on and man is it tight. Certainly looks cool but I'm wondering what it's like to actually play with it. Is it much nicer than a simple fitted shirt that wicks away sweat? Does it really "promote additional muscle support" or is it just about looking all buff? (Assuming you are buff. lol)

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