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06-20-2012, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
Collberg would be my pick if the draft was those 25 before us. I have no problem taking Subban if he is the BPA though. Who knows where we will be with our goalies 3-4 years from now. I hear so much about our goaltending depth, but that is largely due to Luongo/Schnieder, of which, we will trade one soon. No other goalie has proven anything at the NHL level yet. Sure Lack has done well at the AHL, but so have many others who amounted to nothing in the NHL.

With the perceived garbage offers I've seen for Luongo, I'm inclined to trade Schneider to Columbus for the second overall + other assets and then drafting Subban 26th to hopefully develop in 3-5 years would fit in well.
With that mindset, you'll never be happy with your goaltending depth. We are more or less at our theoretical limit for how good goaltending depth can be: a bonafide starter (Luongo), being displaced by a younger putative bonafide starter (Schneider), with a NHL-ready backup with sufficient seasoning in the AHL (Lack), whose current position is vied for by our college standout goalie (Cannata). The only piece we don't have is another promising younger goalie looking to displace Cannata, but to me, that is overkill at the moment.

By all means, stick to the gameplan and draft a goalie at some point during the draft, maybe in the third round or later, or possibly through free agency like how we acquired Lack. But to burn our first on a guy like Subban is just poor asset management because unlike skaters, goalie value drops the minute you draft them. Look how long it took before Schneider's perceive value rose back to his original draft position. Maybe the trade deadline in '10-'11?

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