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06-20-2012, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
I can guarantee that most Swedes know that Ottawa is capital of Canada yet that still doesn't mean they know "anything" about Ottawa.
Unfortunately I think I'll have to disagree, wouldn't be surprised if a survey showed that most of our population thinks that Toronto is the capital of Canada.

Canada gets zip, zero, nada, 0 spotlight time in Sweden - if it's ever mentioned its something about Toronto because of Sundin/Salming. Has Ottawa been mentioned at all during the last 500 years? I think not. At the same time, news about the US is everywhere. Half of the Swedish TV tabloid is american shows. Half of the music being played here is probably from the US - and as previously stated, Swedes trying to be "trendy" got a hard on for NY, especially girls in their 20's who think they're in Sex and the city just because they just uploaded a photo of them on a holiday in NY.

On topic, Detroit/Rangers/Toronto and to some extent Vancouver because of the Sedins. Then there's the random fan here and there, I'm a Caps fan myself (bc of Ovetjkin, Bäckström) but it's hard to get really emotionally involved with a team of which I have no geographical connection to. I think most european fans feel like this and just cheer for the team where their favourite players play at the moment.

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