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06-20-2012, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
You'd hope that people that comes with that kind of statement, would actually back it up with reasons and names of people that were ahead of him. Not that you are wrong or not, just that it would look more serious that way and not like you have an agenda or anything. I have watched a lot of games as well, surely not as much as you guys did, yet, if you dissect the whole lineup, and I know it's more than just stats, yet, this ND team was indeed ran by 1 line. We can't say that neither Dell or Eidsness deserve to be top 3. Dell had his ups and downs moments way more than never before. And Eidsness didn't play enough. I like the D's....but again, seems to me that most had really ups and downs seasons. I'm a big believer in Dillon Simpson. Not sure I'd have him top 3. I like Rowney as well, like his 2-way game...but top 3? So then comes down to the first line. Who made who? I'm a BIG Knight fan. Big one. And believe that Nelson was not solely a product of his linemates. But CLEARLY Kristo was an initiator and not a product of. Yes, sometimes, he should pass more. He should be more aware of what's around him so he has some deficiencies but so the other 2. So frankly, you take those 3 and it could go either way. Not sure though that even if you have Kristo at #3 that it comes with a big margin that should make you laugh that hard if someboyd has him #1.
After watching Kristo for the last 3 years I have come to the conclusion that he doesn't know how to play hockey. He is no doubt a superb athlete. But he appears to have clue where his line mates are or him simply doesn't care. I don't know how many time they would be cycling the puck only for it to get to him and he wont make the last pass. He just tries to force his way to the net all the time. Resulting in him turning the puck over. That being said, No doubt he is a talented offensive player. Then you get the constant fits and complaining to the refs about everything. His defensive play is by far the worst of anyone on his line.

Nelson and Knight play hockey the right way and if they had one more guy on that line that was willing to do the same, it would have only lead to more production/more time attacking. Nelson was the most defensively sound forward on the line, maybe team. he was always the 1st forward into the D zone and most of the time the last one out. Yet was able to out score kristo.

For my money its:

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