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06-20-2012, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
Ryan for Schenn + Mezz + Prospect (don't care who prefer to hold onto cousins but not deal breaker)


Nash for JVR + Read + Bob + Prospect

Those deals are fair and I would like to see what other teams would give that would beat them.
They are both about fair, if the option was to pick which of those two deals I would take Nash. Not ready to move Schenn yet and losing Mezz makes the already porous defense worse. I think Ryan coming on the market now makes Columbus willing to accept less. The Flyers or any other organization can now balk their offers with Ryan as a backup option during negotiations. Nash doesn't want to play in Columbus, Ryan has yet express that same sentiment and is just on the block.

Nash will be cheaper to get and is a better player and plays LW, a much more valued position.

If Ryan is one they want then I would not move JVR. A line of JVR-Giroux-Ryan could be a great combination (G and the Jersey Boys). Very hesitant about moving Schenn but if its between Couturier and Schenn I'm moving Schenn 10/10

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