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04-07-2006, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by ClarkeMustGoDotCom
honestly cant see that happening. Most people think around here anyway that all that matters to Jacobs is the bottom line. The stuff going on now has been going on for awhile. Look at the talent thats left via trade or FA because the Bruins are too damn cheap.
Oh, I'm well aware of the opinion most people around here have about Jacobs. The 30 seconds of Bruins' talk you can hear on WEEI every 3 weeks is nothing but what a cheap ******* Jacobs is. All the same, it seems to me like things have started to change a bit. I never heard about him being at home games or caring about anything before the lockout. Now he's giving interviews, being seen at games sometimes, and has his son in the organization. Perhaps not enough of a shift to truly overcome the "damn cheap" rep, but I do think he sees that to keep running a successful business, things will have to change. Or at the very least, there will have to be a perception that things have changed. Otherwise, that bottom line will get impacted.

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