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06-20-2012, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
It's called facts.

Last 5 seasons.

79 points in 78 games
67 points in 76 games
66 points in 75 games
59 points in 82 games

But I'm sure you are going to have some excuse for him, right?

We don't know what he is going to do. You are assuming that his numbers are depressed due to playing on a poor team (funny how that doesn't hold someone like Tavares back) and that he will improve by playing beside Giroux. Except you don't really know that. It's just your assumption and hope. It's also ignoring the history of scorers in the league. That they tend to experience their decline at this stage of their careers.

What if 30 goals and 60 points is Nash's true talent level? That's a good hockey player, but is it worth nearly $8M a year? Is it much better than where JVR projects to be?

What about Giroux? If you acquire Nash and his salary and he sees an inferior player making more money than him what is he going to think when his contract is up? Is he going to happily take less? Or will he rightfully want to be the highest paid player on the team?

The Flyers had the 2nd best offense in the league last year. Primary scoring is an issue? Yes, some of their players had career years and Jagr will be gone, but their offense isn't going to suddenly dry up.
Oh this again. All stats are facts without context, and all context are excuses without facts? What a brilliant way to go through life. Tavares is your new target this time? Moulson and PA Parenteau >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brassard and whoever else Rick Nash got stuck with this season. They're also two completely different players. You can't just say "THIS GREAT PLAYER IS BETTER THAN THIS GREAT PLAYER"....players excel at different things. Why I have to explain this to you each time is mind-boggling.

I think Giroux will use his brain and realize the kind of superstar he has on his wing, and realize he was overpaid by a bad team to keep him around long term.

Like I've said for a week, if Ryan or Kane are available (now both Kane's are supposedly available), I'd prefer them over Nash. But continuing to listen to the simple-minded statistical approach to Rick Nash and his supposed decline is taking years off my life.

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