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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl
There is lots wrong with it, but a big splashy deal like Nash/Ryan isn't going to fix the problems.

Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
JVR - Giroux - Voracek
Simmonds - Schenn - Briere
Read - Couturier - Jagr/FA whatever
Rinaldo - Talbot - Sestito/holmstrom

Mezaros - Timonen
Coburn - Grossman
Carle(FA) - Gustaffson

outside of the bottom pairing in defense, thats still a play-off team without making a trade, and while adding a possible defensive prospect through the draft.

Also agreed. I don't know why everyone is tossing around Voracek, Schenn, JvR like peanuts trying to nab these highly-paid wingers, when offense isn't our problem. Would it be nice to have Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan on Giroux's wing? Hell yea it would be awesome. Does that mean I'm rushing to find a combination of these young players to pry them away from Columbus or anaheim? No I am not.

With the current make-up of the team, I think it would be very stupid to trade a combination of these cheap forwards with potential for Nash or Ryan. This is a high scoring team already, with issues with defensive responsibility and goalie play. If we stood pat, or signed a few cheap 3rd pairing responsible defensemen, we probably are still a top 4 team in the East, and have as good a shot as anyone to make the Finals.

The one glaring hole this team has is a #1 defenseman (aside from a reliable goaltender, but let's be serious we need Bryz to be that goalie because he isn't going anywhere).

Remember when everybody was really excited when we got Voracek and had dreams of a Voracek-Giroux-JvR line for the next 10 years? Well I don't know what happened to them.

Voracek was extremely impressive to me in both the regular season and the playoffs. He showed skilled puck possession ability both in open ice and along the boards, with great vision and creativity. With the further development of his finishing ability, and the natural progression of his game, I imagine him as a lock for at least 20-40-60, and see him topping out at 25-40-75. He's 22, I want that guy on my team.

JvR was a huge dissapointment this year, there is no doubt about that. But bad off years happen. He had a few freak injuries and never hit his stride throughout the entire season. His value is at its lowest it has ever been in his professional career. Why don't we give him another year to redevelop his value and possibly turn into the player we were all hoping for?

Schenn was the centerpiece of the Mike Richards deal, injuries derailed the beginning of his season, but he looked strong towards the end of the regular season and in the playoffs. The kid is 20, and has one of the best prospect pedigrees this team has ever had. Championship teams are built down the center of the ice, and why we would trade a 20 year old center with all the potential in the world that was the centerpiece of the Mike Richards deal is beyond me.

The fact of the matter is the only thing that is going to take this team to the next level and make us a true Stanley Cup contender is solid goalie play and an impact #1 defenseman. Trading Schenn/JvR/Voracek for Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan improves neither of those things. The Flyers will still make a run at the cup this year, and can do that without trading all their young assets. Next year we will have a boatload of cap space and hopefully the UFA class is better than this year.

The best strategy for this team as it is currently constructed is patience, I seriously hope the front office realizes this. Why sell low on all these guys?

Imagine this after next year (very realistic scenarios):

Voracek could be a 23 year old, cheap, 60 points winger = a ton of value
Schenn could be a 21 year old, cheap, 50-60 point scorer = a ton of value
JvR could be a 23 year old 30 goal scorer signed for the next 5 years cheap = a ton of value

A trade with a combination of those players made today has the potential to go horribly wrong for the Flyers because we lacked the patience to give these guys time to develop.

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