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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
He does it without screens or when the offense isn't in position to capitalize on anything far too often. He does it ALL the time. Watch how Timonen fishes for deflections; he is good at it. He does it when forwards are either screening the goalie, or are in position to make a play. Carle just heaves it on net first chance he gets regardless of whether or not it's the best thing to do at the time.

Getting the puck on net is not always a good play; it depends on how you do it. Using a slapshot in those situations would be better. Easy unscreened wristers that get gloved or smothered without issue aren't a good play; more often than not they kill offensive chances...those are bad plays. He does it too much, and they pretty much never go in the net. His weak wrist shots from the blue line are too easy for goalies to handle. I've never understood why he rarely uses a slapshot in those situations.
It absolutely is always a good play. Nothing bad happens from getting the puck to the net. Carle uses a slap shot when the time is there to use it. A wrist shot is more accurate, and is a good play. Carle doesn't just heave it on net first chance he gets. He makes smart plays overall. Carle doesn't have a great shot, so a wrister on net is a good play. It's better to put the puck on net if a defenseman is being pressured. The onus is on the forwards to get to the net, not the defenseman. It never really ends with you guys and Carle. It's amazing he's still in the League with all the bad plays he makes.

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