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11-28-2003, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by canucklehead17
His defensive skill and game smarts are all there, and at a very high level, especially for a kid his age. He could play on the Canucks full-time as a checking line center at this point. However, his offensive game is extremely raw, and he needs time to develop that. It's definitely not up to NHL standards right now and it needs some time. If and when that side of his game develops, watch out, this kid will be a great two-way player.

After seeing his first couple of games I can see the Linden comparisons. Now that he's back on the wing Lindens is skating like he's 23 instead of 33 and I kept getting the two of them confused! I figure once he gets used to the speed in the bigs that he'll start getting some of those shots off and once he puts on more mass then he can use his skating to drive to the net like a runaway train...and the Linden clone will be complete. I remember a few times in the past when we've drafted "the next Linden" and I'd get all exited until I see the guy and it's like "wtf is everyone seeing that I'm not?". This time I can see the similarites with my own eyes...I'm starting to get exited again... Shy.

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