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06-20-2012, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by jd2210 View Post
No. No. No. Not at all. We should all voice opinions (point of the forum) but they should be qualified and educated. I'm saying people who have never seen him play should have a response more along the lines of something like this:

"I've never seen player X play but from what I've read of him....."

But all too often I see:

"player x would be a horrible pick", or "Homer would be a moron to pick player x"

maybe to some of you that isn't a big difference but to me it is. There is a world of difference between voicing concerns and acting like a scout when you've never seen the guy.

For the record I do not disagree with Libertines point that junior players who have poor numbers tend to have even poorer ones in the NHL. But that isn't what the mob comment was directed at. I don't recall saying I wanted Wilson by the way. I wondered how many of you had actually seen him play before forming your opinions and the answer I'm sure will be very few. His team was almost never on where I am and so assume most of the province didn't see a ton of them either.

Oh and I'm not accusing you all of following the crowd. I'm accusing most of you of following the crowd

I think there are some on here who form opinions very quickly about a player and that sometimes those opinions are based on what someone else in these forums said about them and not on observations they have made on their own.

If your info is from Youtube say so. If your information is from watching them live say so. If your information is from studying that style of player and compiling information say so. If your information id from scouting reports say so. Those are all acceptable opinions and each carry a degree of validity and can add to the forum. But if your opinion is from 4 posts before yours you are a mob member. And it is my opinion that there are plenty of mob members on this and other forums like it.

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