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06-20-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohhh Franco View Post
All Im saying is that it's obvious that they're just after the (our) money. They're not putting in the same effort or investment, they're just looking to capitalize and grow their profits. When I first heard they were opening in Ottawa, I figured it'd be part of Lansdowne Live as they'd build from the ground up and do what they did in T.O. - that'd be cool. Not the case.

Regardless, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that MLSE will be profiting off the Byward Market, probably hurting some local Ottawa bar/restaurant owners, all the while giving Leafs fans in our region another reason to puff their chests out and be cocky.
Then somebody from Ottawa should have stepped up and done something to cater to the high end sports bar market. Nobody has.

Of course they are coming here for the money. Why else would a business open??

Most people going into Real Sports will not know its owned by MLSE as they probably wont care. I also assume the majority of people there will be Sens fans as well.

I dont get the big fuss about them coming here. If the smaller businesses suffer, ya it sucks but thats part of business.

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