Thread: Confirmed with Link: Sharks sign Brad Stuart (3 years, $3.6 per)
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06-20-2012, 04:14 PM
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is this why sj is known as a soft market where if you suck no one cares? cuz we generally are all 'oh we don't want to screw them! make them happy! what's an overpayment between friends?" or "you know, 0 points in the playoffs wasn't good, but for the bargain price of 7 million, i think he did mighty fine!"

negotiations are not screwing over the player. they are about getting what both sides want. stuart would have taken 3.3 to play here without a doubt if he got what he REALLY wanted, which is the nmc. what's 300k? among 5 or 6 similar contracts, that's your solid 3rd liner. or that's your #5 dman. or that's the difference between zeus and pavs.

i'm not arguing that 3.6 is an atrocious price for him, but anyone who thinks 'oh whatever, it's just a few hundred thousand' doesn't understand how cap space is a zero sum game, and how a good negotiator will try and get as low a cap hit as possible. i seriously don't understand how some people can be 'oh 3.6 w/ NMC is FINE don't scerw over stuart!" in one breath at the same time they cheer when DW signs pavs for 4 mil. shouldn't you guys all be "omg DW SCREWED PAVS!" cuz we are way underpaying him. so if you cheer for contracts like pavs, then you should be cheering for them for ALL of our players.

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