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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
Getting an offensive zone draw when your team is better off keeping up pressure, and when they lose more faceoffs than they win is NOT preferable. You're really doing backflips to try and defend Carle's flaws at this point. Your insistence on statistics to prove something that has been witnessed by lots of people numerous times over the last few years is laughable. We don't need to know exactly how many times it happens to know that we see it happening more with Carle than with other players. It's what happens when you have a bad shot. It's an established trend in Carle's game; it's practically a part of his playing style. It's Matt Carle, it's just who he is; we've seen more than enough of him to know who he is and what he can do.

On a side note, Coburn isn't much better. In his case he misses the net a lot. However, Coburn isn't supposed to be an offensive Dman. Being ranked 80th among defensemen for goals scored last season as an offensive Dman makes Carle look pretty crappy if you ask me...and it's not like he wasn't getting ice time. He got a lot of ice time, actually, and didn't do much with it compared to other defensemen. I feel like Carle is getting overrated by a lot of people because of the limited options on the market this offseason.
Your insistance to make it up as you go along as far as Carle is concerned is what is laughable. I don't have to do any backflips to defend what is not real. Carle is no different then any other player. He is not perfect. He makes mistakes like any other player. And I know you don't like the facts when it comes to Carle, because they point out how you're wrong about Carle as a player.

And Carle being ranked 15th in the NHL in assists among all defenseman in the NHL in 11/12. And being ranked 12th among defenseman in the NHL in assists in 10/12, as well as leading all NHL defenseman in ES points. Make him look pretty dam good as an offensive defenseman. Not to mention his consistent 35-40 point totals the last 3 Seasons.

So based on those facts, which I know you don't like. It seems as though Carle did just fine compared to other defenseman. But when the facts don't support your opinion, just ignore them and pretend they don't exist.

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