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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Yah it does look kind of meh. When you say 3 duds though, I'm not sure what you are referring to. While i wasn't a huge fan of Cars 2 (or Cars) it was still better than 90% of what non-pixar studio's put out and it made a TON of money.

Before that was Toy Story 3 which grossed over a BILLION dollars. It's one of the top-10 biggest earning movies of ALL TIME (8th). It was also nearly universally hailed as the best of the 3 and received an unheard of 99% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Before that was Up, my personal favorite Pixar film. Grossed over 700 million dollars and a 98% rotten tomatoes score. I also consider to have the most ambitious and well written first 10 minutes of any film ever made.
No no no. Toy Story 3 and UP were brilliant. I wasn't talking about those films at all. Cars 2 was better than most non-Pixar animated movies sure, but by far the worst Pixar film IMHO. Get this though. The first Cars movie made just under EIGHT BILLION dollars in merchandising alone. Obviously they were going to sell out and make a sequel, even if it wasn't the best. The other "duds" I was was referring to were Brave (saw it over the weekend. It was pretty meh. Not bad, but definitely not special like Toy Story or Ratatouille. It was pretty much on par with any Dreamworks movie.) and Monsters Inc II. Obviously I haven't seen it, but it might also be pretty "meh". Bring back the magic Pixar!!

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