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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
I'm not making anything up. I am telling you what I have seen from him over the years. I was a Carle fan and supporter when he started here; I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a year longer than many people. Carle's own play changed my mind as I saw him make the same mistakes or be plagued by the same flaws game after game for 4 years. Carle changed my mind about Carle, and he hasn't done a whole lot to change it back.

As for his assists? Color me unimpressed. Passing the puck to one of the best offenses in the league inflated those numbers. The guy can't score goals and is a liability on the PP. Plop him on another team and I guarantee his numbers drop.
What I can't understand is why Paul Holmgren, NHL scouts, analysts who cover the game and write about players, don't see what you see? How can that be that they have a different opinion of the player then you do? Are they watching a different player?

I've asked you before and I'll ask you again. Provide one, just one. Not multiple, but one credible source that agrees with your opinion of Carle as a player?

Oh and I forgot that Carle get's assists by accident. Just by being on a good offensive team. Because Carle's passing ability doesn't have anything to do with the team being good offensively. Honestly, is there anymore evidence needed then that of the bias you have against Carle? LOL

And no kidding his numbers would drop offensively if he was on a less offensive team. So would every other player in that situation! LOL

And he's a liability on the PP? Hysterical. Why do the Coaches play him there then? I know, they don't have anyone else. LMAO.

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