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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
you are absolutely insane if you think that is a bad trade for Kane.

I simply do not understand the overhyping of players on this site.

I love Patrick Kane, but the guy totaled 66 points this year..66 only... its not like he hit 100 points.

In return you are getting a young top 6 winger in Okposo who hit 45 points, a young top 4 dman in Hamonic who had over 20 points himself.... those 2 alone have already matched the total production of Kane.

some of you guys need to watch the movie Moneyball and how sports is changing. You only need to bring back enough in return to match Kanes current output, and this trade easily does that when you then figure in "el Nino" and Galchenyuk.

Alex Galchenyuk alone in 2 years would be worth Kane straight up....some of you have no clue how talented this kid is. It is pretty crazy to see anyone not want a package trade that lands them a legit #1 center, a top 6 winger, a top 4 dman, and another top 9 player in Nino....for 1 individual.

Galchenyuk has missed most of the year and is still trending up everyones rankings because the kid is just that damn good...probably gone by the 3rd pick, but I have hopes he makes to the Isles.

If you have a chance to get a package like this that involves a future superstar in Galchenyuk for Kane, you do it as it makes your team better overall..... plus this deal opens up the cash to land Suter, which is the final point of making this trade.

Some people on here have zero common sense when it comes to deals, you still think an individual outways doesnt, and the Kings proved it as well as the 2010 need depth everywhere, and sometimes you have to give to get.

Hawks make this trade if offered to them 10 out of 10 times and it isnt even close.
okposo is exactly the kind of borderline talent we DON'T want in our top 6. That's the role stalberg fills. In addition, hamonic is a 4/5 guy, who's role is already filled by hjalmarsson. And I love how you are cherry picking one year for kane where he was moved from c to rw back to c and had his linemates shuffled on a near weekly basis. He's the only current hawk player who's hit 80 pts in the past 5 years and before this year had scored at least 70pts every season. But yea, let's trade him for a 3rd line winger, redundant dman, and a pick who we HOPE will be as good as he is. Oh, and add in two more NHL players while we're at it. This team needs to add a real top 6 forward, preferably a center, not trade one away for a borderline talent.

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