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06-20-2012, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
I never said that everything else that can be done is easy as well. So now you admit that you think replacing a player like Carle is easy? Good because that is a foolish opinion.
Admit it now? I've said it over and over and over. It is easy to replace Matt Carle. I further clarified it several post back when I said guys like him don't grow on trees, but are easily replaceable.

Guys who grow on trees would be even easier to replace.

History proves that replacing players at Carle's level with an equal and in some cases an even better player is rather easy. A simple example of this would be Boston when they signed Chara.

Lets see how easy that was.

1) Call agent and discuss possibility of player coming to Boston
2) Prepare a SPC
3) Fax the offer to the agent
4) Offer accepted
5) Hold press conference to introduce player
6) Hand player jersey to put on

What a difficult task that was. I could spend hours showing other examples but that would only bolster the fact that these things are easily done.

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