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06-20-2012, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohhh Franco View Post
Well many, many, many people do care about where they spend their money and who they support. Why do you think the local beers and brew pubs are such a hit these days? Unique and local. Have you been the Big Rig yet? If so, why did you go there? I bet it was because Chris Phillips is involved. Notice how locally focused his new place is? Been to Mill St yet? If so, you will have noticed that the first beer page is all about the Ottawa unique beers they're only brewing here in Ottawa. I think that's pretty awesome of Mill St to do something like that. There's a tonne of local success stories these days. Look at all the Ottawa Chefs who have had the spotlight shone on them. Ottawa breweries recently had great success at the 2012 Canadian Brewing Awards. Ottawa is easily one of the hottest cities in Canada when it comes to the culinary experience. Its one the best things we've got going on. Bigger and newest isnt always better; especially for entrepreneurs and locals. I guess it all depends on your values and beliefs though.

Yeah, and when I go the flagship location in Toronto it isnt directly competing with the Ottawa residents that I choose to support.
Thats fine if people only want to support local businesses. I/others have said they will check it out. As im sure you will too. If its a cool place, ill go back, if it sucks, I wont.

I went to Big Rig to check it out and thought it was good. I, like many others went because its Phillips place, something new, etc etc. i will definately go back there from time to time. Location idnt great but it is what it is.

I havent been to Mill st. So ive got no comment on that.

You are right, Bigger and Newest isnt always better but local and small isnt always either thats why I am going to check it out and give it a chance like I have with Local Heroes, The Wood, etc etc.

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