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Originally Posted by Mafoofoo View Post
Yeah see lots of people feel touched/emotional about the start of the movie. I didn't really feel anything but LS mentioned that it may because of feeling familiar if someone lost a close family member or something. So maybe it's that. idk
The most impressive part to me is how it deals with a very complicated topic .I personally feel the most touching part of that scene is when they show the two of them in the Dr's office and the wife crying. Without a single line of dialogue you know she just found out she cant have children. That a pretty tough topic for a cartoon/children's movie.

I love the movie mainly because it chooses to deal with difficult topics in a way children can, while maybe not totally understand, at least absorb. The obvious themes early on are about death, loneliness, and the unfairness of life. The later part of of the film is about letting go of anger, finding new joy even late in life, and how caring for someone else can be the most rewarding part of your life. It also attempts to help children understand their elders better, why they are the way they are and what they've had to go through. Those are not topics that generally is presented to kids, and I think that's unfair.

Another film that has some similar messages that not many people have seen was called About Schmidt. Brilliant film, and if you aren't left in tears by the end, you aren't human.

I prefer films that tackle difficult topics and have subtle but powerful messages. Mixing that with a bit of comedy always seems to make it a lot easier to enjoy as well. Groundhogs day and Joe Vs the Volcano are two brilliant old films often overlooked that fall into that category.

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