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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
Let's go through your post history and pull some quotes, then:

"Carle is very strong positionally in his own zone. "
"He actually is very good at using body position to shield the puck and move it safely."
"It's in the real World that Carle is a very good player"
"Carle is know for being reliable in the defensive zone."
"Carle is a better all around defenseman then Coburn is."
"Carle is absolutely capable of making up for a lesser player with his solid overall play. Especially at ES play. Carle is very good all around defenseman."
"They could have played Carle less minutes at any point and playerd other players more. Carle played the minutes he did, because of how good of a player he is...And if and or when he is re-signed. He will continue to play high minutes, due to how good of a player he is."
"Carle can absolutely effectively carry a pairing. He played a large part of last Season with Bourdon. Carle and Coburn, or Grossmann, would make a very good pairing. with Carle as the lead player." (whoa, sounds like a damned good #1 we've got here)
"he makes the right decision and a solid play the large majority of the time."
"Actually it's the opposite. Carle makes play after play under pressure and smartly moves the puck in transition."
"Carle does very well retrieving the puck and moving it to alleviate pressure."
"Carle is very reliable in all aspects of play in the defensive zone."
"Carle is a solid puck moving defenseman that plays solid defensively, and is reliable in his own end"
"Carle doesn't ***** the bed on anything. He's very good at retrieving the puck under pressure and making a solid outlet pass."
Carle is the top shot blocker on the team and one of the top shot blockers in the League."
"for a smaller defenseman, does quite well in the tough areas of the ice. Around the net and in the corners."
"he's a very good player."
"he is a much better player then slightly above average."
"Carle's blocked shots result from his strong positional play, and his ability to read plays. Which makes him the best shot blocker on the team, and one of the best in the League at it."
"he doesn't make mistakes very often. He is a solid and reliable defender in his own end. As well as a very good passer and playmaker on the back end."

I apologize; the post that last one came from has you saying his flaws are his shot an not initiating physical contact. So I guess he has two flaws in your book.

"he's solid in his read's ,solid in his coverages. And is a very good shot blocker. He uses body position to win puck battles, and is a very good transition player in getting the puck out the other way."
"However his quality play far, far outnumbers his mistakes. And when he's on the ice, good things happen for his team the overwhelming majority of times."
"...(stats point to) Carle being a very good 2 way NHL defenseman. Who plays big minutes, and plays in all situations. And is a reliable solid defender in his own end. "
"There is no confidence issue in Carle's game. He is an experienced player who is calm under pressure with the puck. He makes quality play after quality play under heavy pressure."
"Carle was absolutely elite in 5 on 5 play in 10/11." (what.)
"Carle has been one of the top defenseman in the League at ES play for a couple of years now. And was elite at ES play in 10/11."
"Carle remains one of the better defenseman at ES in the NHL. Carle put up elite numbers at ES in 10/11. He wasn't as good this year, but still produced very well."

I'm getting bored of this now; I assure you, there are many more examples. So...yeah. Reading through these comments, all these ringing endorsements of this play, and bearing in mind that his ONLY two flaws are apparently 1) weak shot, and 2) not initiating physical make him sound like one of the best defensemen in the league. You turn around and say "Dont get me wrong, he isn't one of the best in the NHL!" but it really doesn't ring true, because it doesn't vibe with everything else you say. Especially when you call him elite, "very solid" all around, and say he rarely makes mistakes. You claim you don't think he's the best defensemen in the game, but all your quotes and posts in his defense end up portraying him as such anyways. You make him sound like a future Hall of Famer. The sorts of praise and descriptions of his play you provide are normally reserved for good #1 defensemen.
you should forward this to NSH. maybe we can get Webber or Suter strait up on trade for Carle..


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