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06-20-2012, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Legend Killer View Post
Thats fine if people only want to support local businesses. I/others have said they will check it out. As im sure you will too. If its a cool place, ill go back, if it sucks, I wont.

I went to Big Rig to check it out and thought it was good. I, like many others went because its Phillips place, something new, etc etc. i will definately go back there from time to time. Location idnt great but it is what it is.

I havent been to Mill st. So ive got no comment on that.

You are right, Bigger and Newest isnt always better but local and small isnt always either thats why I am going to check it out and give it a chance like I have with Local Heroes, The Wood, etc etc.
So you went to Big Rig because you have a connection/relationship with one of the owners? Few posts back you said you didnt care about that stuff.

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