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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
You must have overlooked this, because this was posted before in the Carle discussions. But I understand why you would want to block it out from your memory, as it proves with factual data, how wrong you are about Carle. And it gives factual data on the impact that Carle had on games in the 10/11 Season. You'll notice a difference between you and I. When you challenge me to provide a credible source to back my opinion up. I bring it! Not respond with more fantasy!
Misused statistics =/= factual data
Opinion articles =/= factual data.

as Flyerfan pointed out, this guy readily admits his bias in the first sentence, and thus completely disqualifies his entire article from serious consideration. If somebody wrote an article about German concentration camps and started it with "I like the Nazis. I like them a lot." it would be impossible to consider it a balanced, unbiased opinion. If your "proof" is an article written by a guy who's clearly trying to vindicate a favorite player however he can, you don't have any real proof.

Edit: It's also hilarious that this guy and you are the only people around who are looking at that season and saying "elite!" Why didn't anybody at the time comment on it? Oh right. Because when you put those numbers in context and actually watch how he was playing it was clear he's not elite in any way.

BSH is far from an unbiased, factual source. Like I said, opinions aren't facts.

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