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06-20-2012, 09:55 PM
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I am a wordy individual. I have often been described as verbose. This is because I find it important to accurately convey what I am thinking and being beholden to the English language this ties me to using as many specific words as possible to accurately convey what I feel.

After watching your first three videos, this one truly surprised me. I fully expected you to increase the intensity as the emotions increased through the playoffs ... but you took it in the opposite direction.

I find myself searching for the words that can illuminate what swirls inside me ...

"amazing" is inadequate
"touching" is distant
"astounding" is lacking
"wonderful" debases the subject matter
"tremendous" paints a picture stunningly derelict compared to what you've done
"heartfelt" ... is ... surprisingly close

I feel a care and attention in these videos that I can relate to. The words "thank you" fall so shockingly short it seems nonsensical to even say them.

All I can say is that when people ask me to describe the playoff performance of the 2012 LA Kings I can point them to your videos ...

... and then deeply hope that they understand the emotions we all feel.

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