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Originally Posted by ChiTownHawks View Post
They will work but if you take a decent shot off an unprotected part of your body it will kill as it is very heavy plastic. Also I've seen one shatter off a post when someone took a heavy clapper with it. If you keep your shots down (assuming everyone is wearing shins) and don't take slap shots it will work fine, but for safety reasons I would never recommend it.
Where I play my asphalt games everyone plays with shinguards, most have a girdle. Some do not wear gloves (I don't get this, but meh). I got hit with all kinds of pucks, where there wasn't any protection, and yeah, it hurts, but it's part of hockey. Yes, I know that the GB can break, what I am saying is that we did not break one, they just went too thin. On that note we thrown out a lot of the Propucks proposed here, because one of their pads fall off, and they were unusable from then on.

On a sportcourt I would not use a GB for a game, but on asphalt, with good players that is my first choice.

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