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06-21-2012, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Kalvinators View Post
That would be the most obvious choice IF Sami makes the team.
The language factor played some role in 10/11 Lyd-Vis pairing (even though they orginally speak different languages) but they found a way to comunicate on the ice while no one understood what they were talking about.

Even though, if Vatanen makes the team, i would want to try out Lyd-Vis pairing again - they should be playing better, since there were no major injuries last season AND they will be entering their contract years. If they really bounce back at least for 90% of their 10/11 form, our D line would look pretty sweet.

Sbisa-Vatanen (if he becomes what we all expect from him)
I think Sbisa and Lydman should switch. Lydman can be that mentor for Sami that teaches him how to be a pro not necessarily on the ice but off the ice. When was the last time the Ducks had a young guy that didnt speak English (correct me if I'm wrong but Sami doesnt speak practically any right?)? I think making him comfortable off the ice is just as important as on the ice. Maybe even more.

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