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06-21-2012, 08:11 AM
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That's fine. This thread got derailed from the start. The purpose was to let hockey players know there's an alternative to spending $200+ on hockey sticks. A few years ago I'd go through three or four a year and it adds up quickly. Tron offers a great value. I now use their '405' stick and it's the best stick I've owned and I've played hockey at many levels over my life. I was an Easton guy until they started making the sticks in Mexico and I saw the craftsmanship go down considerably, then I tried Warrior and EVERY SINGLE ONE I had broke in the exact same place - bout 4" above the hosel.

So, again, the purpose of this thread was to let people know there is an alternative out there. If you're stuck on what you use then don't switch - I don't really care. I was just trying to get the word out that there is another option.

To piggyback on what I said about the 405, briefly: If you want to try something that's pretty great, give this stick a shot. Their first iteration of the 405 was great but lacked durability. Their new version (the one they currently sell) is 10x better. It's very close to 405 grams and here's my experience with it: I've played in 12 games with it, several practices, and about 40 hours of pickup hockey and it only shows the normal wear and tear any stick would (chips, scratches and nicks here and there). After probably close to 80 hours of play it's still as stiff as the day I bought it (I bought three so I do have something to compare to), the blade has not become one bit flexible - it's still as stiff as the day I bought it - and, needless to say, I couldn't be more impressed. Even Easton sticks would begin to fall apart after a few games - you can feel the interior of the blade begin to crumble and you get that soft, mushy feeling when you catch a pass or go to shoot. The Tron 405 has held up amazingly well and I've been 100% pleasantly surprised.

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