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06-21-2012, 08:33 AM
Carlos Danger
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im fuming just reading the karlsson/norris award... senators fans making Gordian knots of of their panties, reciting as many memes as humanly possible in an attempt to look edgy and creating yet another HFBoards™ dichotomy. no semblance of discussion, just a teenage-like shouting match peppered with the occasional red herrings, ad hominems and of course, strawmens. lots of them.

not ottawa fan = "[John Doe] deserved it more."
ottawa fans = "LOLHATER!"

"i ain't even mad"


posting this, i fully expect our half-a-dozen senator fans lurker to come out at me with more memes and labeling me a hater but **** you, i don't think he deserved it. "best all-around defensman" he is not. having that many points since god knows when - and it is an accomplishement - is what sealed the deal for him and not by much looking at the voting.

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