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06-21-2012, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Z40 View Post
Abby is a better hockey player than he showed last season. I'm not ready to give up on this guy yet. He has shown flashes of offensive potential. For whatever reason, he has drifted away from his game. Maybe he needs to stop trying to be an enforcer-type, and get back to playing his game. Picking up a fourth line center like Prust might not be such a bad idea. Abby would be better suited as a winger anyway.
Prust is not a center, he is more pure winger than Abdelkader ever is. Prust had total 5 faceoffs at last season. 9 faceoffs at season before.


If Prust is going to be too expensive, how about Brad Winchester? He is huge 6'5/230lbs and statistically is quite even from Prust. He had "only" 6 fights, but other stats doesn't differ at all. He could be 1 million cheaper, if the rumors about Prust getting ~2 million are true.


Abdelkader 0.119
Winchester 0.103
Prust 0.094


Winchester 0.152
Abdelkader 0.150
Prust 0.148


Prust 0.052
Abdelkader 0.043
Winchester 0.025


Winchester 0.025
Abdelkader 0.016
Prust 0.015

Penalties drawn/taken:

Abdelkader +1.5 -1.0 = +0.5
Prust +1.1 -0.9 = +0.2
Winchester +0.8 -1.9 = -1.1

Penalty ratio is only weakness at Winchester. But he is Bertuzzi-like big guy (slow?), maybe that comes from there. Another problem is that he doesn't play short-handed at all.

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