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11-28-2003, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Dutchy
Yeah, a GREAT article. The thing I'm really eager to see Gainey do is the contract signings. We gave WAY too much to players like Rivet, and with Ribeiro's contract due a below average GM would overpay him. Can't wait to see how Gainey will negociate.
They way he passes off rumor as possible proof is a bit iffy, but I happen to agree with him anyway. There was a story on here not too long ago about Hainsey and Hossa in a bar with Komisarek there too and Leo DiCaprio.

Apparently Komisarek was being mellow, but the other two were partying it up and bringing home girls and stuff.

That's EXACTLY what I'd be doing if I were with the Habs tho! lol

Anyway. Maybe Gainey wants to keep Komisarek and Hainsey separated? Hainsey does not seem to have benefited from hanging around with Komi. Maybe he wants to send him down to watch Dykhuis and maybe learn a lesson. If a guy like Dykhuis can be in the minors...

Maybe that's the only reason Dykhuis is down there?

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