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06-21-2012, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by JabbaJabba View Post
English is taught in Finnish schools from like 2nd or 3rd grade so language isn't an issue for him. Pronunciation might not be the best yet but he should understand it well and should learn to pronounce more properly in a year or two.

That sounds about like my english.. i bet he understands about everything, it just sounds weird when he talks himself, because earlier he didin't haveto actually pronounce english too many times, and its so different language after all so it takes some time to tune in the way it should sound and how they pronounce it smoothly ect.. Its like you listen to metal whole ur life and then change to rap first time.. its horrible first, but you should get tuned into it atleast somehow, if you dont have attitude problem

I think im more excited than Vatanen himself is about this. I think he gets a shot in the NHL early. And I truly hope its Lydman - Vatanen. On the ice it doesnt really matter what language it is, but when they come back to the bench from the ice, with lydman he can talk thru the last shift what just happened and lyde can teach him how to tweak some plays there. That wont happen in english, not that good atleast. Lyde will also have motivation to teach him, as they are countrymen, finnish "brothers" and they dont really play the same Dman role.

There is a change that he will be great in the NHL too.. just haveto get the confidence to do they plays he did here, he has the skillset to do it. He's like paul coffey, not even very poor man's one..

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