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06-21-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Sportsfan1 View Post
WTF are you talking about? Our GM is not reckless at all, he's actually been fairly conservative to a fault almost while slowly rebuilding this team, and our "window" is not a short one at all, it's actually just opening and is certainly a lot wider then the Red Wings as currently constructed. And we WILL not be paying him 10+ million aav, it'll be 8 or so which is reasonable. Suter, probably will command between 6-7 which would also be just as reasonable.
I'll just say that 6-7 would be out of the range to get him signed in Minn. He already stated that he atleast wants 7m/yr and quite frankly Minn would be low balling him at 6-7 with their current structure and history. The guy wants a contender and life-long contract, I think he would go to Minn for more of 8-9m range. You would need to buy him out from other teams, and any team would GLADLY pay him 6-7m.

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