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Originally Posted by nycbruins View Post
Unbelievable. Remind me not to go into any more Nash threads after this. The "grass is greener" syndrome around here is absurd. So Nash is highly coveted. A great player. He also has a full NTC and a $7.8 million cap hit for 6 more years. Honestly, I wouldn't give Looch straight up. And I wish there was a way to stop some posters from enjoying the future success of certain players they just love to crap on if they have a bad game or series.

Let's turn it around. Milan Lucic is coveted by every GM in the league. He's affordable, younger with no NTC, so he can be dealt to any team the Bruins want. "Gotta give to get"....give me a fricking break. Yeah, you do have to give to get. Lucic isn't going to be a piece of a bigger deal for someone. If the Bruins decide to move Lucic, another team is going to have to pay up with some big pieces to pry him away, and we could start a whole bidding war, unlike CBJ and their 6 teams (and I still doubt Nash wants to go to Carolina.)

And this team is not mediocre in the least. Some of you probably take out all your negative cantankerous bulls**t in here so your family doesn't have to deal with it...I do the same too. But this is an excellent hockey team and I'm interested in what Chia does to tweak and improve. Need a lefty-winger shooter for the PP & 3rd line/Horton replacement (A. Kostitsyn, anyone? don't laugh too much, I might convince you)...And Chia's not going to throw his whole team and future into Rick friggin' Nash. Most overrated player on the planet right now. Man I hope my son grows to be 6'4" and can skate well. It's a free pass from criticism and people who don't watch you play think you're some terrifying stud that all bow down to. Rick Nash isn't that guy. He's not worth his cap hit alone, never mind these proposed deals.

If CBJ gets desperate after the draft and an offer of something like Krejci, Caron, Spooner & a 1st would suffice, then I'll think about it. Get Knight & Lucic out of there. And I'm still not thrilled.

But it will be funny to see everybody's head explode when Rick Nash can't walk on water, hardly ever plays a physical game, doesn't have as many moves & creativity as highlight reels suggest, and disappears for stretches of time like most players. You'll be begging for Lucic back. All for what...5 more goals/year and an extra $3-4 million? Eff that.
Nash will be gone within 2 weeks and we can move on to something else

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