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11-28-2003, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by neelynugs
any of the complimentary things i said about nashville have to be taken back. they were an absolutely dreadful team to watch- just dreadful. take a 2-1 lead in the 1st, and then sit back like the hurricanes do all game long. what a bore. nice to see hartnell hiding behind a shield now too (eye rolling guy)

as for the game itself, the refs were flat-out disgusting. marty lapointe was yelling "awful" at them as the buzzer went off, and there's really no other way to describe it. the NHL should use this game as a how-to video for refs, as in "how-to NOT call a game".

as for the b's, well, rayzor was sharp to keep them in the game in the last 2 periods, but we couldn't get one in. again, i don't credit vokoun for this, but a lack of luck in the bounces department. he made the saves he was supposed to make, but got lucky on several occasions. all i can say is good riddance to these bozos (refs and hook/hold/whack predators), and let's move on to a win on sunday.

I called in sick for work today just to watch this game, well I do have a cold and it's snowing out right now so it wouldn't have been good for me to go outside anyways . But your right I thought Nashville would have been a fun team to watch but man are they boring or what, sure they got the win and congratulations to them but I honestly thought they were actually entertaining to watch. Since when did Hartnell start wearing a visor, he even looked scared of Boynton with about a minute left when they got into that little scuffle, he kept looking back for the refs to step in. Than he starts yapping at Boynton when their being escorted to the box, I thought this kid was tougher than that, he showed me absolutley nothing tonight. Than to top it all of Nashville decides to scrath Jordin Tootoo and play a nobody name Vernon Fiddler or something weird like that.

Just a very disappointing game to say the least. And Lapointe was right the refs were awful.

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