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Originally Posted by Protest View Post
First, I have no idea how he chose the players either because the comparisons don't make sense. Which doesn't really help the article's credibility.

Next, no I don't think Bourdon is a better player. However, that's never what I said. I said that if Carle was the player you make him out to be, he'd have better numbers than Bourdon regardless of the situation.

Also, how do you bring up sample size with Bourdon, but not with Pronger? You, and the article, say that Carle performed better without Pronger. However, Carle spent roughly 730 minutes ES not playing without Pronger in 2010-11. That's just as small a sample size as his time with Bourdon. Therefore, you must not believe Carle's numbers that year, sans Pronger, paint all that accurate of a picture. And if that's true, than that is another shot to the credibility of the article.

The better sample would be Carle with Pronger for 1 1/2 seasons vs. him without Pronger for 1 1/2 seasons. We've kind of seen those numbers already, haven't we... Definitely better with Pronger.

Also, yes Carle is a good passer, and a good offensive player. However, he plays on a deep team, and I think more rational people would look to the forward core than to Matt Carle when they are looking for reasons the team is good offensively.
There is a huge sample size of Carle with Pronger. There's the entire previous Season. Also Pronger isn't a rookie. He's an experienced veteran who can step right in and play at a high level, regardless of the number of games. It's a completely different situation then limited games with a rookie.

And I agree that an equal sample of games with and without would be better. What defenseman wouldn't be better with Pronger then without?

I think rational people would look at the entire picture of the team's offense. Carle is as good offensively from the back end as most of the Flyers forwards are . Informed fans know how important the puck movement that Carle provides, is to the team's offense and transition game. Carle has been an intergral part of the Flyers offense.

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