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Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
As a fan of neither team, here is how I see it. Why would Vancouver trade a #1 goalie to Toronto for Komisarek when he would be a 6th-7th D-man? could say they both have bad contracts, but Luongo is actuall STILL a good player. BIG DIFFERENCE!!

If I am the Canucks, I hold out for a deal that makes sense. And if it means starting the season with 2 #1' be it. Some team will get off to a slow start or have an injury and will be looking for a trade. Imagine if say Broduer gets hurt and is out for 3 months. They would jump at the chance to continue their winning ways.

How often does a good goalie get traded mid season? Not very often. You know why? Because teams have already committed x amount of money in cap and there would be no way of taking on over $45+ million in salary.

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