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11-28-2003, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by neelynugs
i'd say most of the penalties were borderline. the fact that it took a nashville Dman to body slam bergeron for us to get a PP speaks volumes on the atrocity of today's zebras (SNICKER)

Ok..not a bad game by the bruins..though OD should take a hard look in the mirror after this game..he was awful..he gave them the first goal and almost gave them an insurance goal in the end...Refs were god awful..I mean that Berg high stick was so stupid..he didnt even get close to his face..its amazing that you could see Lapointe's stick getting help while out front of the net, nothing and the ref is standing right there!!! I hate when refs decide that when they get yelled at that they have to take it upon themselves to make sure they call every marginal call against the bruins while allowing the marginal stuff on the other end..I mean there suppose to be profesional refs arent they?? They should call it fair no matter if a team's players are yelling at them or not... and it doesnt happen with just the bruins!! I have seen it a few times this year...and a ref should not take it upon themselves to sway a game cause there mad...thats one of the biggest problems with the NHL Refs...

As for the rest of the game...why would sully sit Zino??? the kid was playing well..and since Sully decides to use thornton and murray for everything..why have Zam out there when he is doing nothing!! I dont like the whole put Thornton out for everything..I am slowly not liking Sully for this reason...he has axe, rolly, green Zam, Lapointe..and he needs thornton and Murary out there???? talk about putting no trust in the rest of the team..isnt this what Ftorek did last year!!!

THe defense has been becoming more and more like last year..stupid turnovers and stuff..this is three losses in a you get that eerily simlar feeling as last year?? I mean its just like last year...they started winning games they should have lost, then defensive breakdowns and now there losing games they should have won...and now there doing the whole running into a hot goalie thing..its all the same..I hope I am wrong but geez its looking like last year...

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