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06-21-2012, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
If he's not willing to negotiate with another team this offseason, I'd say keep him for a year. What we'd get in return for one year of Staal isn't worth giving up another year with him on a Cup run.
You've got to know the coin involved. Say the offer was 10 years, 60M. Good deal. BUT, as I've argued here all along, Staal has NO incentive to sign that deal. So, he's 'not interested in signing an extension at this time'. BUT, as I've also argued here all along, if he's traded somewhere-- Carolina, Toronto, Buffalo-- and the GM says 7M per on any term you want with a prime role, and he'd get really interested in signing. That's the difference between Staal now and Staal after a trade. NOW, he's got everything to gain and almost nothing to lose by waiting. AFTER A TRADE, where the GM would be prepared to sign him to bigger dollars, Staal would have everything to gain and almost nothing to lose by signing. Another time it really sucks to be right . . .

EDIT: ****, I'm good. I guessed 10 years, 60M before seeing Sivek's post. LOL at everyone here who thought it would take under 6M.

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