Thread: Confirmed with Link: Sharks sign Brad Stuart (3 years, $3.6 per)
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06-21-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by endy View Post
there is no rollback, it would have to be negotiated and the PA might not like that at all. you defintitely can't count on it. sure if we dump our players of picks and resign cheap options then there's no cap problem but then our team is EVEN worse.

here is the bottom line. i want a cup contending team. right now we are a barely-make-the-playoff team. we barely made it last season and went 1-4 in the first round. we are up against the cap, really. if we get rid of our talent for worse options, then our cap situation looks better, our team looks worse. sure we could dump clowe, pavs, and put fairyoh and tj as our top 6 - does anyone see the problem with that?

our roster needs to be improved but the cap situation won't allow us. that is the bottom line. all the moves you guys are talking about are making us worse not better (rolling with griess instead of neimi, dumping clowe and putting tj as our 2nd line, etc).
You have to remember that there are only so many roster spots. We aren't going to start sticking $5m players in third line rolls just because we have the cap space either.

We have 6 top-6 spots, if a new top6 is brought it, someone is going out. If someone goes out, the net cap hit is less. $11m is a LOT of cap space to work with.

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