Thread: Confirmed with Link: Sharks sign Brad Stuart (3 years, $3.6 per)
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06-21-2012, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post

There is $11 million to sign a new 2nd line winger, good lord dude. I don't plan on TJ being on the second line, capgeek just doesn't let you leave blanks.

Handzus will be gone, one way or another.

We didn't spend to the cap because most teams didn't spend to the cap. There was a bunch of extra cap space and we literally didn't have a need to spend it.
so let's say we spend to 65 which seems to be much more likely. with your roster i'm going to add 2 million-ish to get to 61 since there is no way we sign those guys for your prices (this entire thread is about DW and his overpaying ways for goodness sake.). on top of that i am not convinced zeus is out. he has an ntc and dw has basically said he would never pull a watshisface again by sending him to wors. seriously whos going to take zeus anyway? come on. so let's add 2.5 to that. now we are at 63.5 million. now what? even ot the real cap we are 6.5 away and there's no one to sign on the UFA market to boot. semin? we still need to fill out our depth and backup positions, so that's another 3 million. that brings us up to 66.5. so we have 4 mil for a top 6. and our roster is not any better than last season. we are NOT an elite team, we are a barely-make-the-playoffs team.

edit: the nubmers could be adjusted, but best case we might have 5 mil for a top 6, and that might not be enough for an improvement over clowe. and i will eat my words if dw can make zeus disappear. but our roster as a whole isn't much better than last season's failure. the bottom line for me is that our cap situatio ndoesnt allow us to improve significantly and that's the rub. i wont argue we could field a similar team. you are right in that. but i do not think a similar team is going to cut it. if that is the case, it's time then to be happy to be a playoff team and not expect anything more than that.

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