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06-21-2012, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by My name is Legion View Post
Wow, got some serious troll hate for the Oilers I see that clouds your logic.
Originally Posted by My name is Legion View Post
Come'on now, your making Oiler fans look bad with thse kinds of statements. MPS would be a third or fourth liner on the Canucks right now but he could crack the roster. He had a bad year last year but you use him right he could easily get 40-50 points on the Canucks.
Originally Posted by CommonMeans View Post
I don't doubt he still has a chance to make an impact in the NHL. He's just much better suited to in Edmonton than Vancouver. Basically, he is not an upgrade over Booth, Higgins, Raymond, Hansen, Lapierre or even Kassian as he stands NOW. In the future? Maybe.
Originally Posted by My name is Legion View Post
Lapierre,Raymond and Kassian yes, Booth,Hansen and Higgins not right now no.
I hold no delusions. MPS can, and probably will be a great winger with his size and tool kit. But as of right now, he is a project to us. We've picked up Kassian (at the expense of our top prospect), and we also have Jensen in the system. Are they the same player? No, but similar in terms of what they can bring.

Schneider is something Edmonton doesn't have. Dubnyk isn't bad by any stretch, but I feel the difference between Jensen/Kassian vs. MPS is less then Dubnyk to Schneider. MPS is not a bad piece to have, but if we're trading's a "win and win now" kind of deal for us. Luongo is the better goalie now, and by keeping him at the expense of a younger, potentially better goalie, we're not concerning ourselves with the future.

As for Lapierre, Raymond and Kassian...I'd say Kassian is the only one that MPS would make a definite impact if he subbed in for. Raymond's defensive game is sound, and his speed still creates chances, it's not apples to apples. Lapierre is the only weapon on our bottom line with our current line up, and his defensive and agitating game is something our former aggressors (Kes and Burr) don't do as often.

I wouldn't object to MPS in the trade, but there had better be a reasonable + attached to him, as i don't see Schneider for MPS as being a good core for a trade.

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