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06-21-2012, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
And you appear to be an islanders fan moreso than a hawks fan.

you downgrade everything anyone on the Islanders did in my proposal, and all you have done is make excuses for Pat Kane who plays on a team with Hossa, Toews, Sharp, Bolland, Keith, etc... The guy had 66 points on a top 6 team in scoring....he simply is not the player he was 2 years ago.

You are a blind homer and you have proven it. you think I am a Isles fan over a Hawks fan because I know the common sense involved with moving a star like is only going to be for younger players/prospects/and picks...not star players in return.

Anyone that says "unless Tavares comes back in the trade" knows nothing about hockey and how it all works. Centers are worth twice as much as forwards, not a single chance in hell Tavares would ever be moved for is beyond dumb and idiotic to suggest this. thats like saying move Toews for simply wont happen. Centers are rare to find and their value is through the roof, anyone who follows the game knows that noone is going to willingly part ways with a top center for a forward...simply dumb.

the Isles proposal is the best the Hawks would likely get for Kane...anyone thinking some "star" player is going to come back in the deal has their head planted up their....

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